Bagpipes - Junior Playable


Junior playable bagpipes by Gold Brothers,Kirkcaldy.



Baseball Caps - Tartan


Great gifts


Beer Mug

Beer Mug

Great gift 


Board Game - Touring Scotland

Board GameAn entirely new map game requiring skill and judgment. Based on the original 1930's game - exciting, interesting and educative.



Caledonia Mill Doilies

 CM Doilies Larger

Tapestry fabric 20cm x 90 cm. 


Caledonia Mill Doilies Small

CM Doilies Small

2 doilies 15 cm x 15 cm


Caledonia Mill Makeup Bag

CM Makeup  Bag

A delight to have in your handbag.


Can Cooler (Scottish Flag)

Can Cooler Scottish 



Can Cooler (Tartan)

Can Cooler Tartan