What's happening in the berries




With the planting of our new varieties, our planting areas extended and tunnels well and truly erected, we have exceeded our production volumes for this season.  With the Strawberry season now at an end we look forward to the new season pickings around October/November 2015. 

 Our lovely homemade strawberry ice cream, jam, along with our frozen berries and now a new strawberry vinegar. There is also the delicious exotic strawberry wine  ... a real treat to enjoy. 

So come on out to our shop to view our extensive range or shop online.

Check out our new strawberry recipes............Yum........Yum





Our devine freshly picked Raspberries have now come to an end.

We also continue to stock frozen raspberries along with our homemade raspberry jam, ice cream and vinegar. So there really is something for everyone with these berries.
Visit the Wee Red Barn to stock up the cupboards and freezer to make the new recipes on this site that are Dot's Delacies and those that Allyson Gofton designed with our own produce (the Country Calendar Cookbook).





The picking season for the blueberries has now come to an end.


Check out our Wee Red Barn freezer for your supply of our frozen blueberries to make those great smoothies!




The blackberries flowering. They have a short period of availability but we will have them


We have been busy cutting out all the old canes and tying in all the new canes.  Berries will be ready again for picking around December.  We continue to  have our homemade blackberry jams or frozen berries for blackberry pie and ice cream for dessert..........what a treat.

Try the Quick Blackberry Chutney in the recipe section (prepared by Allyson Gofton)






  The gooseberries are now finished and we are in the process of planting more plants to meet the high demand.




Unfortunately we are currently out of stock until the season begins again in December.  Watch this space as once the berries are picked they are pretty well sold out straight away.  Last season demand was so high we were unable to keep a supply to freeze!




Just waiting for these delicious big juicy berries to come into season in December. Another berry to watch out for as the season is short and demand is high!.