What's happening in the old vineyard



HOWEVER WE HAVE AMPLE SUPPLIES OF OUR WINES AVAILABLE. Shop online or call in to purchase the variety we produced from past years.
To maxamise our berry production the vines have been removed and will be planted with strawberries.
The table top system will be planted with different varieties of strawberries using the Haygrove substrate system. The plants will be protected with a net covering to abate the wind and birds.





We still have our delicious olive oil, this can be found at the Wee Red Barn shop. The season has come around again for our olive trees to be picked- this is all completed by hand by our team of hard workers.

Once they have been harvested and processed we leave the oil to settle and let the flavors develop for a couple of months before we start to sell it. So the next batch will be on sale from August.

As the olive trees require little maintenance, which makes a refreshing change - once we have harvested the trees we can just let them grow and do their own thing until next season.




 Fresh potatos

Popular Agria have now been harvested, with 10kg bags available in the Farm Shop.